Create a Corrective or Preventative Action

Create a Corrective or Preventative Action manually or from a Security Event, Security Incident, Audit, or Risk Assessment.

To create a Corrective or Preventative Action:

  1. Select the Create a Corrective Action or Create a Preventative Action link from the Actions list of an active Security Event, Audit, or Risk Assessment form.
  2. Provide a description and details.
    Examples include: A noncompliance was discovered while conducting a Risk Assessment on the Sales team's laptops; and, additional security training should be provided to the Sales team, and the noncompliance should be removed from all laptops.
  3. The Source and Type fields automatically populate.
  4. Select the asset and priority.
    The asset is the Configuration Item that is the focus of the action (optional).
  5. Select a projected start and end date.
  6. Select the assigned team and owner.
    The Assigned To options are driven by the Assigned Team selection.
  7. Select the business owned by team and business owner.
    The Business Owner options are driven by the Business Owned By Team selection.

After owners have been assigned, select the Next: Assigned link (under Status) to move the Corrective or Preventative Action to the Assigned phase.