Add Watchers to Incidents and Service Requests

A new link has been added above the Actions list to add yourself (the current logged-in User) as a Watcher on the current Incident/Service Request record. A Watcher receives all communications regarding the Incident/Service Request record that an external customer receives. This allows the Watcher to monitor the situation in case the Incident/Service Request record needs to be escalated. On the Overview page, the number of Watchers is reflected above the Actions list.

If there are several Internal Customers who want to keep watch on a particular Incident/Service Request, they can all be linked or unlinked from the Technician Watch List page. Likewise, if a Company Manager notices from the Company Management dashboard in the CSM Portal that an Incident has breached its SLA, they can add a comment on the Incident that they want to be added as a watcher to the ticket.

All changes to Technician and Customer Watch Lists are recorded in the Activity Pane along with copies of all external communications that have been sent to the external customer and Watchers.