Create a Security Group

If an existing Security Group has similar permissions to what is required for a new Security Group, create the new Security Group by duplicating the existing group and editing its configuration.

The Managed Service Provider (MSP) includes two Security Groups for administering services. There are situations where additional Security Groups can be beneficial. There may be a person on site at a Company who needs the ability to resolve open Incidents but does not need all the permissions granted to the Company Service Desk 1. For situations like this, CSM allows you to create a new Security Group by copying an existing Security Group, naming the new Group, and configuring the Group's permissions.

To create a Security Group:

  1. Select Edit security groups on the Security page of CSM Administrator.
    The Security Groups dialog box opens.
  2. Select the existing Security Group from the Group drop-down list that is close to the one you are creating.
  3. Select File > Copy Security Group.
  4. Enter a name for the new Security Group.
    The new Security Group appears as an exact copy of the original Security Group.
  5. Edit the Security Group settings for the new Security Group.
  6. Select Save.