Work with a Ticket in the MSP mApp Solution

The Managed Service Provider (MSP) mApp® Solution allows technicians to manage tickets for their assigned Companies.

The following procedures describe how a technician would open an Incident and describe the Incident.

To open an Incident and add a description:

  1. Select the Customer related item picker.
  2. Under Customer type to show, select Customer - External from the drop-down menu.
    The search is narrowed to only external customers.
  3. Select the Customer - External record for the person calling.
  4. Select OK.
    When the Customer - External record is selected, the following actions are taken:
    • The Assigned Team field is auto-populated with the Default Support Team assigned at the Company record.
    • The SLA tied to that Customer - External record or Company record sets the starting point for the Respond/Resolve times.
  5. Select the Service Classification related item picker to open the Incident Subcategory Selector window.
    Only the Subcategory items that have been linked to the Company record with which this external customer is associated show in the options.
  6. Choose the Subcategory.
  7. Select OK.