Import GRC Citations and Controls

Prior to creating Authority Documents, import Citations and Controls via the Data Import Wizard in CSM Administrator.

You can import Citations via a .csv file (template provided). If Controls already exist in the system, you can automatically link them (1:1) with the associated Citation in the spreadsheet. You can link additional Controls to Citations manually once the Citations are created.

  1. In CSM Administrator, select Database > Run a one-off data import (CSV files).
  2. In the Import Data Wizard, navigate to the .csv file you wish to import. From the Primary business object drop-down list, select GRC Citation.
  3. To map records, follow the spreadsheet template.
  4. Select the Import into field option and select Authority Document from the drop-down list.

When the Citations are imported, they display in green, red, or black font depending on their state. Red means that the organization has determined that it will comply and provide evidence of this compliance through Control(s). Green means that the organization will comply and there is at least one Control and one Policy linked to the Citation.