Manually Create a Security Event

Manually create a Security Event to track and manage security-specific events.

To manually create a Security Event:

  1. CSM Desktop Client or Browser Client toolbar, select New > New Event > New Event - Security.
  2. Provide a name (optional) and details of the event (example: Laptop stolen; Laptop stolen from rental car).
  3. Select an event type (example: Loss or Theft of Equipment).
    The type displays on the top of the form.
  4. Select a priority and event severity.
  5. Select a reported date time and (optional) who reported the event.
  6. Select a source and (optional) external source ID.
  7. (Optional) Assign a team and owner.
  8. (Optional) Add response notes.
    These fields are audited; Journal entries track modifications.
  9. (Optional) Select a cause code and add resolution details.
  10. (Optional) Initiate other Actions using the appropriate links in the Actions list, in response to a new Security Event.