Network Event

Create a Network Event to track and manage network-specific events.

Network Events are generally opened via automation but can also be opened manually.

To manually create a Network Event:

  1. CSM Desktop Client or Browser Client toolbar, select New > New Event > New Event - Network.
  2. Provide a name and details of the event (optional).
  3. (Optional) Select an event type and service.
    The type displays on the top of the form.
  4. Select a priority and event severity.
  5. Select a reported date time and who reported the event (optional).
    The Reported Date Time field autopopulates with the date and time you created the event, but you can change it.
  6. Select a source and external source ID (optional).
  7. (Optional) Select the assigned team and owner. You can also select the Assign to Me link in the Actions list.
  8. (Optional) Add notes to the Response Notes field.
    These fields are audited; Journal entries track modifications.
  9. (Optional) Select a cause code and add resolution details.
  10. (Optional) Initiate other Actions using the appropriate links in the Actions list, in response to a new Network Event.
  11. Select Save.