Configure Ivanti Neurons for HR

The configuration requirements for Ivanti Neurons for HR vary depending on your existing environment. Review each topic in this section to determine which areas need to be manually configured.

Use he CSM Desktop Client and CSM Administrator to configure Ivanti Neurons for HR.

HRSM Roles, Security Groups, and Portal Security Groups

HRSM roles, security groups, and Portal security groups are automatically applied with the mApp Solution to align with the dashboards.

Exception: When applying the mApp Solution, you can clear the Enabled check box on the Overwrite Portal Security Groups screen and instead manually configure the HRSM Portal security groups.

Verify HR Case Automatic Actions

In cases where the HRSM Case automatic actions are not created by Ivanti Neurons for HR, add them manually.

Remote Status

Ivanti Neurons for HR includes a Remote Status field you can include on Customer - Internal records. You can either replace the InternalCustomer form with the HRSM Header Replacement form, or copy the Remote Status field from HRSM Header Replacement form to your InternalCustomer form. Ensure you copy to other cultures if applicable.