Create a Cherwell HRSM Case

HR professionals can use the HR Case Object to open a Cherwell® HRSM Case for a customer (example: Create an Onboarding Case for a new employee in the company).

To create an HR Case:

  1. In the CSM Browser Client, select New > New HRSM Case.
  2. Customer: Select a name.
  3. On Behalf Of: Select the button to the right of the Customer field to request a service for someone else. It can be used for onboarding and offboarding, or an administrator can make a request on behalf of a manager. Select True if both the customer and requester should receive communications regarding the status.
  4. Description: Enter a case description.
  5. (Optional) Effective Date.
  6. (Optional) Follow-up Date: Set a follow-up date.
  7. Category: Select a category.
  8. Subcategory: Select a subcategory. The customer profile, including the customer's resident country, drives the choices available.
  9. Case Service: Select a Case Service. The customer profile drives the choices available.
  10. Priority: Select a priority.
  11. Assigned Team: This field is autopopulated from the Table Service table. The only way you can assign it to another team is by selecting Assign to Escalation Team under Actions. This assigns the HR Case to the escalation team, but you can change it from the Assigned Team field.
  12. Assigned To: Select an owner prior to beginning work on the case.
  13. Fill out the HRSM Specifics tab as needed. This tab has specifics forms that are determined by the category and subcategory choices.
  14. Save the HR Case.

Use the Pending status to temporarily put the HR Case on hold.

The HRSM Specifics tab has additional information. Tasks are created from Service Catalog Templates (SCTs). SCTs create HR Tasks as well as Incidents.

The Potential Solutions tab shows HR Knowledge Articles whose keywords match the HRSM case's category and subcategory.