Ivanti Neurons for HR Batch Case

Use the HRSM Batch Case function to create the same HR Case for multiple employees. Each individual will have a Case on record and get notifications from the workflow.

After completing the details of the Batch Case, before you create new Cases, link employees to the Batch Case from the Employees tab.

The list of employees are tied directly to the country code that you selected on the Overview tab. For example, if you selected US in the Country Code field, only employees who have a US country code are available for linking.

After employees are linked to the Batch Case, when you initiate the Start Cases task, you will see a list of individual cases for each employee in the HR Cases tab. Details that you provided in the Batch Case are automatically moved to the individual employee Cases. You can also continue to add more individual employee cases, as needed.

You can close the parent Batch Case and all of the individual Cases that are linked to it at one time.