HR Case Actions

Use the Actions list to quickly initiate actions such as resolving duplications, assigning the case to an escalation team, limiting access to the case, and more.

To initiate actions:

  • Generate Tasks from Template: Select a Task Template. The Tasks will show up in the Tasks tab after you save the HR Case.
  • Assign to Escalation Team: The default escalation team is set in the Case Service table.
  • Assign to Me: Use this link to assign yourself the HRSM Case. Your name will now appear in the Assigned To field.
  • Resolve Redundant: Use this function when a customer opens duplicate cases.
  • Split/Duplicate Case: Generates a new HR Case with duplicated Customer and Description fields. You will have to manually add categorization information.
  • Create an IT Incident: If an HRSM Case needs to be addressed via an IT Incident, use this link to convert the HRSM Case.
  • Refer to Another Service Desk: Generates an email message containing HRSM Case details.
  • Nominate for Knowledge Base: If the case resolution would be helpful for other HR Agents, use this link to create an HR Knowledge Article. The article will appear in Draft status.
  • Add a Checklist: Add a pre-built Checklist to the HRSM Case.
  • Set a Follow-Up Date Reminder: Creates a calendar reminder (CSM Desktop Client).
  • Limit Access to this Case: Sets the current assignee as the only individual with access to this case.
  • Set to Pending: You can place an HRSM Case in the Pending status to put the Case on hold.
  • Cancel: Cancel the HRSM Case; the status will be set to Closed.