Ivanti Neurons for HR Knowledge Articles

You can create new Knowledge Articles and make them available for HR staff to use when working Cases.

The Knowledge Article workflow consists of four phases:

  1. Create a new HR Knowledge Article.
  2. The Technical Review Team reviews and modifies the technical content.
  3. The Format Review team ensures the Knowledge Article renders correctly in the Portals. The Format Review is only required if the HR Knowledge Article is intended to be visible in the Portals.
  4. Retire an article, if needed.

Good to know:

  • When searching for HR Knowledge Articles in the CSM Browser Client, you must select which article type you want to search for.
  • Use the Article and Details buttons to toggle views.
  • Searches for HR Knowledge Articles only query the keywords associated with an HR Knowledge Article, such as the category and subcategory (example: Benefits, Beneficiaries).
  • In HR Cases, a Potential Solutions tab lists HR Knowledge Articles that match the Case Subcategory against HR Knowledge Article keywords.
  • If HR Knowledge Articles aren't displaying as expected in the HRSM Portal, try rebuilding the full-text catalog. To rebuild the catalog:
    1. In CSM Administrator, select the Database category.
    2. Select System maintenance.
    3. In the System Maintenance window, select Rebuild full-text search catalog, then select OK.
    4. You can run the following SQL query to verify the full-text search catalog is working for Knowledge - HR: select * from KnowledgeMangement where contains(countrycode, 'US'). Update the country code as appropriate.