Modify SCT after Installing Ivanti Neurons for HR

The Service Classification field in SCTs is a required field. However, this field does not display any HR Classifications. We recommend you update the field properties so the Service Classification is not required if the SCT will be used for an HR Process.

To update the Service Classification field in SCTs:

  1. In CSM Administrator, create a new Blueprint.
  2. In the Manage objects screen, select Service Catalog Template.
  3. Select Edit Business Object.
  4. Right-click Smart Classify Search String and then select Edit Smart Classify Search String field.
  5. Select the Properties page and expand the Required for Save section.
  6. Select Expression and then select the Custom Expression button.
  7. Set the expression:
    1. Value: Service Catalog Template SCT Category
    2. Operator: Not Equal
    3. Value: HR Process
  8. Publish the Blueprint.