Create PPM Programs

A Program is a group of related Projects managed in a coordinated manner to obtain benefits not available from managing them individually.

While Programs have a simple workflow with statuses of Draft, Active, and Closed, there is no formal approval process. The statuses let you decide how to manage, review, and implement the Program. Once a Program is closed, it will no longer appear as an option in Demand creation.

To create a PPM Program:

  1. From the CSM Desktop Client or CSM Browser Client menu bar, select New > New PPM Program.
  2. Complete the Program details:
    1. Provide a name and select a Program manager. The Program manager will be reflected in Projects opened under the Program.
    2. Select a Portfolio name. That choice will autofill the Strategic Objective field.
    3. (Optional) Add details and select the person the Program is assigned to.
  3. Complete the Program budget:
    1. Set a Program budget and select budget start and end dates (optional).
    • Once the program is active, the Total Budget Committed field reflects a sum of the budgets of accepted Projects.
    • Total budget remaining is the Program budget minus total budget committed.
  4. Select Save.

When you move, advance, or close a Program and there are linked Demands or Projects still open, a prompt displays to close the linked records or move them to another Program before the current Program can be changed or closed.

When a Program is in the Active phase, you can use the tabs in the form arrangement to track the child Demands and Projects. The issues are Program-level. There is also a tab for the parent Strategic Objective.