Create PPM Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objectives are generally corporate-level, senior leadership-driven initiatives used to group Portfolios, Programs, and Projects.

While Strategic Objectives have a simple workflow with statuses of Draft, Active, and Closed, there is no formal approval process. The statuses let you decide how to manage review and implementation of the Strategic Objectives. Once a Strategic Objective is closed, it no longer appear as an option in Portfolio, Program, and Demand creation.

To create a new Strategic Objective:

  1. From the CSM Desktop Client or CSM Browser Client menu bar, select New > New PPM Strategic Objective.
  2. Provide an objective and select a focus area.
  3. (Optional) Provide a driver (example: Compliance) and weighting (example: 10%).
  4. (Optional) Add a description and choose a target date.

When a Strategic Objective is in the Active phase, you can use the tabs in the form arrangement to track the child Programs and Portfolios.