Import PPM Resources

Import a batch of Resources instead of creating them individually.

When they set up Ivanti Neurons for PPM, most administrators choose to import a batch of Resources. An Automation Process creates daily Resource time records through the end of the current calendar year and next year.

If you import a batch of Resources in bulk, it requires significant processor speed and memory to run concurrent Automation Processes and cache queued automation requests (when you add a Resource, an Automation Process creates time summary records for each remaining day in the current calendar year and all of the following calendar year). Run this bulk import using server resources. If Cherwell Services are running on a laptop instead of a server, we recommend you add Resources one at a time and wait three minutes between each addition to allow the Automation Processes to complete.

In benchmark testing, importing 300 Resources took 4.5 hours.

To import Resources:

  1. Enter your Resource information in a .csv that will be imported.
  2. Open CSM Administrator.
  3. Under Categories, select Database.
  4. Select Run a one-off data import (CSV files).
  5. Follow the prompts in the Import Data Wizard.