Import Project Info

Import an .xml file from Microsoft Project or .csv file from Microsoft Excel to populate information into Ivanti Neurons for PPM.

This is an ideal solution for Project managers to build and manage the WBS in Project or Excel, but manage Resources and Demands in CSM. Project managers can continue to maintain the WBS in Project and periodically import the updated files into CSM.

You may need to import large Projects as a Scheduled Item due to time limit constraints. See Create a Scheduled Item.

Maintain Project Task Information

Typically, you modify items that impact schedule or Resources in Microsoft Project and re-import. If you make updates in Ivanti Neurons for PPM, it will not be reflected in Microsoft Project. Modifications made in Ivanti Neurons for PPM do not flow down to dependencies (example: Resource changes).

Imports from Microsoft Project and Microsoft Excel (.csv) cannot successfully process PPM Resources (created from users) that have commas or special characters as part of the string. For example, a User Full Name of Smith, Joseph will not be allowed in the Resource field of Microsoft Project. Microsoft Excel (.csv) reads the comma as a delimiter and fails to process imports correctly.