Manage PPM Projects

As Projects progress, you may need to add new costs, risks, action items, issues, and Change Orders.

If you are tracking the Project in Microsoft Project or Excel, you may choose to import and update Project Tasks.

  • Project managers will primarily use the My Projects and Project Details dashboards. You can use these dashboards to view Project health, cost, and effort; identify Project Tasks that need attention; and review and commit timesheets.
  • The My Projects dashboard provides an overview of all Projects assigned to the logged-in user. It provides a high-level view of Project status, costs, health, and timesheets awaiting approval.
  • An alert icon by a Project means that at least one of the health indicators is red.
  • The Project Details dashboard provides more details on the individual Projects.
  • In the Project Tasks pane, tasks at risk are flagged with an alert icon. Double-click the Task to go to the Project Task record. If the estimated remaining effort is greater than the estimated effort, the total effort has a red box.
  • An alert icon also appears by Tasks that have more hours recorded against them than estimated. As a Project manager, you can choose to update the Project plan, re-allocate the work, or create a new Task for another Resource.
  • If a budget item yearly total is exceeded, an alert icon appears by the budget item in the Project record.
  • Use the Update Project Task Hours link to populate the Project Task hours to the parent Tasks.