Ivanti Neurons for PPM mApp Solution Items

The Items table provides a list of items included when applying the mApp® Solution and the typical merge action.

Item Category Item Typical Merge Action
Automation Process Definitions Additional Resource Time Entries, Create Project From Demand, Create Resource Time Entries, Delete Resource, Delete Staging table, Delete Task From Project Import, Edit Via Browser, Set Baseline Date - Project, Update Budgets Import
Business Objects Benefit Item, Budget Item, Cost Entry, Cost Item - Labor, Cost Item Category, Cost Item Provisioning Frequency, Employment Type, Operational Task, Operational Task Status, Operational Task Type, Plans, PPM Action Item, PPM Area, PPM Change Order, PPM Decision, PPM Demand, PPM Demand Scoring, PPM Demand Scoring Answer, PPM Demand Scoring Questions, PPM Focus Area, PPM Health Type, PPM Issue, PPM Portfolio, PPM Predecessor Type, PPM Program, PPM Project, PPM Resource Plan, PPM Risk, PPM Scope, PPM Stakeholder, PPM Status, PPM Status Group, PPM Strategic Objectives, PPM Timesheet, PPM Type, PredecessorLinksSuccessor, Project Task, Project Task Staging Table, Rate, Resource, Resource Status, Resource Time, Role, Role Assignment, Role Status, RolesLinkSkillsJoinTable, Scheduled PTO, Skill Assignment, Skill Level, SkillLinksUsers, SkillsTask Summary, WatchListLinkTable, Work Item Import
Cost Item Don't Change
Incident, Incident Category, Task, Team Info, User Info Merge
Counters Action Item ID, Benefit Item ID, Budget Item ID, Demand, Issue, Operational ID, Portfolio, Program, Project, Resource Plan ID, Risk, Strategic Objective Import
Custom View Portal Default Don't Change
Dashboards Demand Management, My Portfolio Details, My Projects, My Work - Alt IT, Overview PPM, Program Details, Project Details, Resource Management - Individual, Resource Management - Role Import
Fields Action, Action Comments, Action Plan, Actual Effort, Actual End Date, Actual Hours, Actual Start Date, Allocated Hours Per Day, Alt 1 Command, Alt 1 Command Name, Alt 1 Next Status, Alt 1 Next Status Text, Alt 1 Status, Alt 1 Status Text, Alt 2 Command, Alt 2 Command Name, Alt 2 Status, Alt 2 Status Text, Alt Status, Answer, Answer 1, Answer 1 Score, Answer 2, Answer 2 Score, Answer 3, Answer 3 Score, Answer 4, Answer 4 Score, Answer 5, Answer 5 Score, Approved, Approver, Approval Block ID, Area, Area Access - Open, Asset Management, Assigned Role, Assigned to, Assigned to RecID, Assignments, Available Hours, Available Project Hours, Baseline End Date, Baseline Start Date, Benefit If Done, Benefit Item ID, Billable, Budget, Booking Type, Budget Cost, Budget End Date, Budget Health, Budget Health Score, Budget Item ID, Budget Start Date, Budget Term End Date, Budget Term Start Date, BudgetChangeDetails, BudgetChangeNo, BudgetChangeYes, Business Driver, Business Objective, Business Reason, Business Value Score, CapEx Budget, Capital Expenses, Capital items, Category, Category_de-DE, Category_en-US, Category_es-ES, Category_fr-FR, Category_pt-BR, Change Order Title, ChildID, ChildJoinReason, ChildType, Closed Date, Committee Approval Required, Completed Projects, Cost, Cost Item Type ID, Cost Item Type Name, Cost Item Type RecID, Cost Type, Counter, Create New Records, Created By, Created By ID, Created Culture, Created Date Time, Customer Accepted, Customer Display Name, Customer ID, Customer Type ID, Daily Hours, Date, Date Completed, Date Of Decision, Date Opened, Delete record, Delete Resource, Demand Estimated Revenue, Demand ID, Demand ROI, Demand Score, Demand Size, Demand Sponsor, Demand Sponsor Email, Department, Dependencies, Description, Description_de-DE, Description_en-US, Description_es_ES, Description_fr_FR, Description_pt_BR, Details, Disposition, Driver, Duration, Duration (Hours), Duration (In Days), Edit Via Browser, Effort, Effort (hours), Effort at Risk, Email, Employment Type, Employment Type_de-DE, Employment Type_en-US, Employment Type_es-ES, Employment Type_fr-FR, Employment Type_pt-BR, End Date, End Date Changed, End Time, Estimated Additional Effort, Estimated Capital Expenses, Estimated Cost, Estimated Effort, Estimated Operating Expenses, Estimated Remaining Effort, Estimated Revenue, Estimated Total Cost, Executive Approval, Expected Resolution Date, Facilities, File to Import, Financial Plan, Financial Score, Financial Score New, Focus Area, Frequency, Frequency_de-DE, Frequency_en-US, Frequency_es-ES, Frequency_fr-FR, Frequency_pt-BR, Friday, Group Name, Health Issue, Health Type, Hours, Hours Per Day, Hours Per Week, Hours Worked, HR, Identified as a Risk, Impact, Impact Comments, Impact If Deferred, Impact on other initiatives, Impact To Scope, Initiated By, Issue Description, Issue ID, Issue Name, Issues, IT, ITPT Project ID, JoinReason, Last Mod Time Stamp, Last Modified By, Last Modified By ID, Last Modified by RecID, Last Modified Date Time, LastModTimeStamp, Linked Budget Item ID, Lock Summary, Locked, Manager, Monday, MS Project Milestone, MS Project Outline Number, MS Project Parent Outline Number, MS Project UID, MSProject Milestone, Name, New Projects, Next Status, Next Status Command, Next Status Command Name, Next Status One-Step, Next Status Text, No One Step, Notes, Objective, Old End Date, Old Start Date, Open Date, Operating Expense items, Operating Expenses, Operational Hours, Operational Hours per Day, Operational Hours per Week, Operational Percent, Operational Task, Operational Task ID, Operational Task Name, Operational Task RecID, Operational Tasks, OperationalTask Type ID, OperationalTask Type Name, OpEx Budget, Original Total, Other, Overall Score, Owned By, Owned By Email, Owned By ID, Owned By Manager, Owned By Manager Email, Owned By Manager ID, Owned By Manager Phone, Owned By Phone, Owned By Team, Owned By Team ID, Parent ID, Parent RecID, ParentID, ParentType, Percent Complete, Percent of Demand, Percent of demand Unshown, Percentage, Phone, Planned Effort, Planned End Date, Planned Remaining Effort, Planned Start Date, Plans Type ID, Plans Type Name, Points, Portfolio, Portfolio Approved, Portfolio Budget, Portfolio Flag, Portfolio ID, Portfolio Manager, Portfolio Manager Email, Portfolio Manager ID, Portfolio Name, Portfolio ROI, PPM Action Item ID, PPM Decision ID, PPM Demand ID, PPM Demand Scoring ID, PPM Demand Scoring Questions ID, PPM Group, PPM Health Type ID, PPM Portfolio ID, PPM Program ID, PPM Project ID, PPM Project RecID, PPM Resource Plan ID, PPM Risk ID, PPM Scope ID, PPM Stakeholder ID, PPM Status Groups ID, PPM Status ID, PPM Strategic Objectives ID, PPM Timesheet ID, Pred Task Type 1, Pred Task Type 2, Pred Task Type 3, Predecessor 1, Predecessor 1 Name, Predecessor 1 RecID, Predecessor 2, Predecessor 2 Name, Predecessor 2 RecID, Predecessor 3, Predecessor 3 Name, Predecessor 3 RecID, , Predecessor UID 1, Predecessor UID 2, Predecessor UID 3, Predecessor XML Parsing, Predecessor XML Parsing 2, Predecessor XML Parsing 3, Primary Rate, Primary Role, Primary Stakeholder, Primary Strategic Objective, Priority, Probability, Probability score, Probability Weight, Process, Program, Program Budget, Program ID, Program Manager, Program Manager Email, Program Manager ID, Program Name, Project, Project Approval, Project Estimated Hours, Project Health Update, Project ID, Project Manager, Project Task ID, Project Task Records for Import, Project Tasks, PTO, PTO Hours, Quarter, Question 1, Question 2, Question 3, Question 4, Question 5, Question Number, Rate, Rate Name, Rate Name_de-DE, Rate Name_en-US, Rate Name_es-ES, Rate Name_fr-FR, Rate Name_pt-BR, RecID, Record Saved, Rejected, Remaining Availability, Remaining budget, Remaining Effort, Remaining Project Hours, Requested By, Requested By Team, Requested Completion Date, Requested Start Date, Required By, Required Skill, Resolution, Resource, Resource Name, Resource Percentage, Resource Plan ID, Resource RecID, Resource Score, Resources, Risk, Risk Score, Risk Score Weight, Risks, ROI, Role, Role_de-DE, Role_en-US, Role_es-ES, Role_fr-FR, Role_pt-BR, Roles, Role ID, Saturday, Schedule Health, Schedule Health Score, ScheduleChangeDetails, ScheduleChangeNo, ScheduleChangeYes, Scheduled End Date, Scheduled Start Date, Scope, Scope Change Yes, Scope Health, Scope Health Score, ScopeChangeDetails, ScopeChangeNo, Score, Score Calculated, Score Resource, Scoring Completed, Search Group Number, Security, Selected Status, Site, Skill, Skill(s), Skill ID , Skill Level, Skill Level_de-DE, Skill Level_en-US, Skill Level_es-ES, Skill Level_fr-FR, Skill Level_pt-BR, Skills ID, Softbook Hours Per Day, Softbooked Resources, Sort Order, Sponsor, Sponsor ID, Stakeholder, Stakeholder Active, Start Date, Start Date Changed, Start Time, Status, Status_de-DE, Status_en-US, Status_es-ES, Status_fr-FR, Status_pt-BR, Status Order, Strategic Objective, Strategic Objectives ID, Subject, Submitted, Submitted Via Browser, Sunday, Target Date, Task, Task Number, Task RecID, Task Title, Task Type, temp_status_set, Thursday, Timesheet ID, Title, Total, Total Assignments, Total Budget, Total Budget Committed, Total Budget Remaining, Total Closed Budgets, Total Cost, Total Effort, Total Hours, Total hours for Demand, Total Open Budgets, Total Resources, Total Return, Total Revenue, Total Roles, Total Score, Total Team, Total Users, T-Shirt Size, Tuesday, Type, Update Ran, Updated Via Import, Updated via Parent, Updating Tasks, Updating Tasks Completed, User Full Name, User Info RecId, Valid, Valid Approver, Value Description, Wednesday, Week Of, Weekly Hours, Weekly Total, Weighting, Work Week Hours Import
Forms ActionItem, BenefitPlan, Budget Item Project Form, Cost Entry, Cost Item Category, Cost Item Entry, Cost Item Frequency, Demand, Demand Financial Assessment, Demand Overview, Demand Summary, Employment Type, Issue, ITPT Area, Labor Cost Item, Operational Task Status, Operational Task Type, Portfolio, Portfolio Overview, PPMHealthType, PPMPortfolio Summary, PPMPredecessorType, PPMScope, PPMStatus, PPMStatusGroup, PPMType, PPM Change Order, PPM Decision, PPM Demand Risk, PPM Demand Scoring, PPM Demand Scoring Editable, PPM Demand Scoring Read Only, PPM Demand Scoring, Answer, PPM Demand Scoring Questions, PPM Focus Area, PPM Program Overview, PPM ProjectTask Overview, PPM Program, PPM Program Overview, PPM Program Summary, PPM Project, PPM Stakeholder, PPM Strategic Objectives Summary, PPM Tasks, PPM Timesheet Overview, Project Header, Project Summary, Project Task Supporting Table, Rate, Rate Localization, Resource, Resource Fields, Resource Overview, Resource Plan Overview, ResourceStatus, Resource Time, Role, Role Localization, Role Assignment, Role Status, Role Status Localization, Scheduled PTO, Skill Assignment, Skill Level, Skill Level Localization, Skills, Skills Localization, Skills Management, Strategic Objectives, Strategic Objectives Overview, TaskSummary, Text Task Import, Timesheet, WatchListLinkTable Import
Team Info Overwrite
Form Arrangements PPMDemand, PPMPortfolio, PPMProgram, PPMResourcePlan, PPMResourceTime, PPMStrategicObjectives, PPMTask, PPMTimesheet, Project, ProjectTaskStagingTable, Rate, Resource, Role, RoleStatus, SkillAssignment, SkillLevel, Skills,TaskSummary Import
Grids Action Item, BenefitPlan, Cost Entry Grid, CostItemEntry, Cost Item Category, Cost Item Frequency, Dashboard, Demand, Employment Type, Issue, ITPT Area, ITPT Demand Risk, ITPT Focus Area,ITPTPredecessorType, ITPT Stakeholder, ITPT Type, Labor Cost Item, Operational Task, Operational Task Status, Operational Task Type, Plans, Portfolio, PPM Change Order Grid, PPM Decision, PPM Demand, PPMDemand, PPM Demand Dashboard, PPM Demand Score Grid, PPMDemandScoring, PPM Demand Scoring Answer, PPMDemandScoringQuestions, PPMHealthType, PPM Portfolio Dashboard, PPM Project Dashboard, PPMProject-Simple, PPMScope, PPMStakeholder, PPMStatus, PPMStatusGroup, PPM Strategic Objectives Grid, PPM Strategic Objectives Portfolio, PPM Tasks, Program, Project, Project Details Dashboard Grid, Project Task for Project, Project Task Supporting Table, Rate, Resource, ResourcePlan, Resource Status, Resource Time, Role, Role Assignment, Role Assignment Dashboard Grid, Role Assignment Form Arrangement, Role Status, Scheduled PTO, Skill Assignment, Skill Assignment Dashboard Grid, Skill Level, Skill Links Users, Skills, Skills Top 10 Grid, Strategic Objectives, TaskSummary, Timesheet, WatchListLinkTable Import
Team Info Overwrite
Image Definitions Demand100x100, Demand-Icon, DemandNew100x100, Exec-Icon, Home-Icon, Milestone100x100, My-Portfolio-Icon, My-Projects-Icon, My-Work-Icon, Operational Task Icon100x100, Portfolio100x100, PPM-Double-Arrows, Program100x100, Program-Details-Icon, Project Task100x100, Project100x100, Project-Details-Icon, PTO100x100, Resource Plan100x100, resource_16, resource_20, resource_24, resource_time_16, resource_time_20, resource_time_24, Resource100x100, Resources-Icon, role_16, role_20, role_24, Role100x100, Role-Icon, Role-Icon-100x100, scheduled_PTO_16, scheduled_PTO_20, scheduled_PTO_24, Strategic Objectives100x100, Task Summary100x100, Timesheet100x100 Import
Indexes BenefitItem_BenefitItemID, CostItemCategory_Category, Demand_DemandID, Issue_IssueID, OperationalTask_OperationalTaskID, PK_ActionItem, PK_CostItem, PK_CostItemCategory, PK_CostItemFrequency, PK_Demand, PK_Employement Type, PK_Issue, PK_ITPTArea, PK_ITPTFocusArea, PK_ITPTPredecessorType, PK_ITPTType, PK_OperationalTask, PK_OperationalTaskStatus, PK_OperationalTaskType, PK_Plans, PK_Portfolio, PK_PPMDecision, PK_PPMDemandScoring, PK_PPMDemandScoringAnswer, PK_PPMDemandScoringQuestions, PK_PPMHealthType, PK_PPMResourceTime, PK_PPMScope, PK_PPMStakeholder, PK_PPMStatus, PK_PPMStatusGroup, PK_PredecessorLinksSuccessor, PK_ProjectTaskSupportingTable, PK_Rate, PK_Resource, PK_ResourcePlan, PK_ResourceStatus, PK_Role, PK_RoleAssignment, PK_RoleStatus, PK_RolesLinkSkillsJoinTable, PK_ScheduledPTO, PK_SkillAssignment, PK_SkillLevel, PK_SkillLinksUsers, PK_Skills, PK_StrategicObjectives, PK_Timesheet, PK_WatchListLinkTable, Portfolio_PortfolioID, PPMActionItem_PPMActionItemID, PPMChangeOrderIdx0, PPMDecision_PPMDecisionID, PPMDemandScoring_PPMDemandScoringID, PPMHealthType_PPMHealthTypeID, PPMProgram_PPMProgramID, PPMProjectIdx0, PPMProjectIdx1, PPMRiskIdx0, PPMScope_PPMScopeID, PPMStakeholder_PPMStakeholderID, PPMStatus_PPMStatusID, PPMStatusGroup_PPMStatusGroupsID, PredecessorLinksSuccessorIdx0, ProjectTaskStagingTable_Title, Resource_FullName, ResourcePlan_ResourcePlanID, Role_Role, RoleIdx0, StrategicObjectives_StrategicObjectivesID, Timesheet_TimesheetID, Timesheet100x100 Import
Mergeable Area Budget Item Actions, Cost Entry Actions, ITPT Project Actions, PPM Demand Actions, PPM Demand Approvals, PPM Resource Actions, PPM Resource Item Actions, PPM Resource Time Actions, PPM Timesheet Actions, Project Task Actions, Skills Actions, Task Summary Actions Overwrite
Metric Values All Demands Projected Costs, All Demands Projected Revenue, All Demands with Financial Data, All Demands with No Financial Data, All Demands with No Revenue Financial Data, Assessing Budget, Budget Health, Budget Issues, Committed Budget, Committed Budget - Closed, Committed Budget - Not Closed, Demands with Revenue Financial Data, Executive Committed Budget, Executive Committed Budget - Closed, Executive Committed Budget - Not Closed, Portfolio Budget Health, Portfolio Budget Issues, Portfolio Budget Score - exec, Portfolio Committed Budget, Portfolio Schedule Issues, Portfolio Schedule Score - Exec, Portfolio Scope Issues, Portfolio Scope Score - Exec, Portfolio Total Budget, Program - Project Budgets, Program - Total Budget Open Projects, Program - Total Cost Closed Projects, Program Budget Issues, Program Schedule Issues, Program Scope Issues, Remaining Budget, Schedule Health, Schedule Issues, Scope Health, Scope Issues Import
One-Step™ Actions Accept Idea, Accept In Portfolio, Add Budget Items to Project, Add To Portfolio, Alt Step 1 from Relationship, Alt Step 2 from Relationship, Approval, Approve, Assign a Project Manager, Assign a Role, Assign a Team, Assign an Individual, Assign an Initiator, Assign ID - delete me, Assign to a Project Manager, Assign to Individual, Assign to Me, Assign to Team, Automation - Update Successors Start Date change, Change Requester, Change Status, Check Available Hours, Commit, Commit Hours to Task, Committee Approval, Committee Denied, Convert Demand to Service Request, Create Change, Create Committee Approval, Create Demand from Portal, Create Project from Demand, Create Project When Demand Approved, Create Weekly Timesheets, Date Time Information, Delete Old Timesheets, Delete Resource, Delete Staging Table, Delete Tasks, Demand Approved, Edit entries, Edit PTO, Edit Via Browser, Email Assigned To, Email Portfolio Manager, Email Program Manager, Email Project Requester, Evaluate Idea, Export XML, Flag for Delete, Get Role and Rate, Go to Calendar, Go to Portfolio Record, Go to Program Record, Go to Project Record, Go to Record, Go to the Task, Import CSV Update to Staging Table, Import into staging table, Import New Project CSV, Import New Project XML, Import Project, Import Project from CSV, Import Project Tasks into Staging Table, Import Update to Staging Table, Link MS Project Predecessor, Link parent, Manual-Update Resource Time Bookings, Modify Demand, My Portfolio Dashboard Button, My Program Dashboard Button, My Project Dashboard Button, Need More Information, New Demand Scoring, Next Status, Next Status Step, Next Step from Relationship, Open Task, Owner Email, Portal Submission, Portfolio Approved, Portfolio Approved From Demand, Portfolio Approved From Project, Portfolio follow Up Email, Portfolio Manager Email, Predecessor 1, Predecessor 2, Predecessor 3, Project Approved, Project Denied, Refresh Cost, Refresh Cost on Save, Refresh Counts, Refresh Individual Dashboard, Refresh Resource Dashboard, Refresh Role Dashboard, Reject Idea, Remove From Portfolio, Requester Email, Requester Follow Up Email, Resource Daily Time Entries, Resource Management Individual and Date Selector, Resource Management Individual Selector, Resource Management Individual Set View - Per Day, Resource Management Individual Set View - Per Week, Resource Management Individual Update Dates, Resource Management Role Selector, Resource Management Update End Date, Resource Management Update Start Date, Resource Time Cleanup, Save, Select a task, Select a Team, Select an Individual, Select an Owner, Select Customer, Select Department, Select Different Role/Rate, Select Employment Type, Select Portfolio Manager, Select Requester, Select Resource, Select Resource Manager, Select Role, Select Work Item, Send Project Health Update, Set Associated Task to In Progress, Set BaselineDates, Set Budget Health, Set Expenses, Set Flag To Create New Records, Set Parent Outline Number, Set Planned Dates, Set Predecessor 2&3, Set Schedule Health, Set Scope Health, Set Skills and Roles, Set Status To Deferred, Set to Active/Inactive, Set to Assigned, Set to Committed, Set View - Per Day, Set View - Per Week, Skills by Resource - Update Resource, Skills by Role - Update Role, Skills by User - Update User, Submit, Submit Demand Scoring, Submit for approval, Submit Hours to Weekly Time Sheet, Submit PTO, Submit Via Browser, Take Ownership, Team Skills, Track Time - Resource, uncheck, Update Available Hours, Update Budget, Update Budgets, Update Dashboard, Update Estimated Hours, Update Health, Update Hours, Update Parent Successor/Child End date, Update Parent Successor/Child Start Date, Update Parent Time Reporting, Update Percent, Update Project, Update Project from CSV, Update Project Hours, Update Project Tasks, Update Project Tasks Hours, Update pt, Update Resource, Update Resource Time Bookings, Update Resource Time Entries, Update Resource Times Dashboard, Update Start/End Dates, Update Start/End Dates Time and Cost, Update Successor Start Date Change (Finish to Start Process), View Date Time Information Import
Relationships Budget Item Owned By PPM Project, Budgets Links to Cost Entries, Cost Entry Links to Budgets, Cost Entry Owned By PPM Project, Cost Item - Labor Links To Resource, Demand Links Operational Tasks, Demand Links Program, Demand Owns Journals, Incident Links Skills, Operational Task Links Demand, Operational Task Links Task Summaries, Operational Tasks Link Resources (PPM Softbook), PPM Action Item Owned By PPM Project, PPM Change Order Links Users, PPM Change Order Owned By PPM Project, PPM Decision Owned By PPM Project, PPM Demand Links Customer, PPM Demand Links PPM Portfolio, PPM Demand Links PPM Project, PPM Demand Links PPM Resource Plans, PPM Demand Links PPM Status, PPM Demand Links PPM Strategic Objectives, PPM Demand Links UserInfo, PPM Demand Owns Approvals, PPM Demand Owns Benefit Plans, PPM Demand Owns Budget Item, PPM Demand Owns PPM Demand Risks, PPM Demand Owns PPM Demand Scoring, PPM Demand Owns Stakeholders, PPM Demand Owns Stakeholders Committee Approval, PPM Demand Scoring Owned By PPM Demand, PPM Demand Scoring Owned By PPM Demand Questions, PPM Demand Scoring Questions owned by PPM Demand Scoring, PPM Issue Links UserInfo, PPM Portfolio Links Owned By, PPM Portfolio Links PPM Demands, PPM Portfolio Links PPM Projects, PPM Portfolio Links PPM Strategic Objectives-ManyToMany, PPM Portfolio Links User, PPM Portfolio Owns PPM Issues, PPM Portfolio Owns PPM Programs, PPM Portfolio Owns PPM Risks, PPM Program Links PPM Projects, PPM Program Links PPM Strategic Objectives, PPM Program Owned By PPM Portfolio, PPM Program Owns Journals, PPM Program Owns PPM Issues, PPM Program Owns UserInfo - Owned By, PPM Program Owns UserInfo - Program Manager, PPM Project Links Customer, PPM Project Links Operational Tasks, PPM Project Links PPM Demand, PPM Project Links PPM Portfolio, PPM Project Links PPM Program, PPM Project Links PPM Resource Plans, PPM Project Links Project Tasks, PPM Project Links to Status, PPM Project Links to UserInfo, PPM Project Owns Benefit Plans, PPM Project Owns Budget Items, PPM Project Owns Cost Entry, PPM Project Owns Journals, PPM Project Owns PPM Action Items, PPM Project Owns PPM Change Orders, PPM Project Owns PPM Decisions, PPM Project Owns PPM Issues, PPM Project Owns Risks, PPM Resource Plan Links PPM Demand, PPM Resource Plan Links PPM Project, PPM Strategic Objectives Links PPM Portfolios, PPM Strategic Objectives Links PPM Programs, PPM Timesheet Links Task Summaries, Predecessor links Successor, Program Owned By Demands, Project Task Links PPM Project, Project Task Links Project Task - Parent, Project Task Links Project Tasks - Children, Project Task Links Resource Time, Project Task Links Task Summaries, Project Tasks owns Staging tasks, Resource Links PPM Tasks (Softbooking), Resource Links Role, Resource Links Skills, Resource Owns Operational Tasks, Resource Owns Resource Times, Resource Owns Role Assignments, Resource Owns Scheduled PTOs, Resource Owns Skill Assignments, Resource Owns Tasks, Resource Plan Links Project Tasks, Resource Plan Links Resource Plans, Resource Plans Links Resource Time, Resource Time Links Project Task - Allocated, Resource Time Links Project Task Softbook, Resource Time Links Scheduled PTO, Resource Time Links Tasks - Softbooked, Resource Time Links Work Item - Allocated, Resource Time Owned By Resource, Role Links Resource, Role Links Skills, Role Links to Resources, Scheduled PTO Links Resource Times, Scheduled PTO Owned By Resource, Skills links Incident, Skills links Incident Category, Skills Links Resources, Skills Links Roles, Skills Links Team, Skills links Users, Staging Task Owned by Project Tasks, Stakeholder Links UserInfo, Sucessor Links Predecessor, Task Links Resource Times, Tasks Owned By Resource, Task Summary Links Operational Task, Task Summary Links PPM Project, Task Summary Links PPM Timesheet, Task Summary Links ProjectTask, Team links Skills, Team links Users, TimeSheet Links PTO, Userinfo Links Skills, Work Item Owns Cost Labor Import
Reports Demand vs Project, Demand vs Project Execution, PPM Project Snapshot, Weekly Resource Availability by Role Import
Searches Active Projects, Active within Date Range for Report, All, All Demands, All Portfolios, All Programs, ALL Project Tasks, All Projects, All Projects Closed Calendar Year, All Resource Plans, All Skills, All Staging Records, All Task Summaries, Approved Demands, Awaiting Approval Demands, Calendar - Child Project Tasks, Calendar - Milestone Project Tasks, Calendar - Parent Project Tasks, Calendar - Project Tasks, Committed Projects within Program, Date Range and Role, Deferred Demands, Demand Matrix, Issues Type is Budget, Issues Type is Schedule, Issues Type is Scope, My Open Project Tasks, My Open Projects, My Project Tasks, My Resources, My Task Summaries, My Timesheets, New Demands, Open Demands, Open Portfolios, Owner Resource Times, Portfolio Budget Issues, Portfolio Schedule Issues, Portfolio Scope Issues, Program Issues Type is Schedule, Program Issues Type is Scope, Program Rec ID equals Stored Value, Project ID equals Stored ID, Project Task, Project Tasks Owned by My Team, Projects Not In Portfolio, Projects Open Portfolio, Projects Within Portfolio, Projects within Program, Resource Allocation Report, Resource Entries Greater Than Today, Resource Time Aged Two Weeks, Resource Time by Date Range, Resource Time by Role Dates, Resource Time Dashboard - Individual, Resource Time Dashboard - Role, Resource Time Owned By, Resource Time Records, Resources, Resources by Primary Role, Resources by Selected Role, Resources by Selected Skill, Selected Closed Project for Report, Selected Portfolio, Selected Project for Report, Submitted Timesheets, Task Summaries By Project, Tasks at Risk Import
Stored Expressions # High Impact Open Risks, # of Open Issues, 1st Quarter, 2nd Quarter, 2nd Quarter Remaining, 3rd Quarter, 3rd Quarter Remaining, 4th Quarter, 4th Quarter Remaining, 5th Quarter, 6th Quarter, 7th Quarter, 8th Quarter, 9th Quarter, 10th Quarter, 10th Quarter Remaining, 11th Quarter, 11th Quarter Remaining, 12th Quarter, Actions Visible Only in Assessing Status, Actual Start Date, All Open Projects, All Task Summaries, Automation Finish to Start, Budget Health Color Link, Budget Item ID, Budget Remaining, Business Value, CapEx Budget, Clear Approver, Clear Executive Approver, Copy of Hours per day, Cost, Cost Year 1, Cost Year 2, Date is Valid, Days per Task, Demand Score, Effort, End of the Week, Estimated Hours For Project, Financial, Finish to Start, High Impact Open Risks/Issues Trigger, Hours per Day, Hours Per Day, Hours per Week, Hours Worked - Resource, Logical Field Projects at Risk, Next End of Year, OpEx Budget, Parent Effort, Portfolio Budget Health, Portfolio Budget Remaining, Portfolio Schedule Score Value, Project Actual Effort, Project ID, Project Name, Project Remaining Effort, Project Status, Project Task Hours Worked, Project Total Effort, Prompt for Role, Prompt for Skill, Read Only Background, Remaining Availability, Remaining Effort For Project, Remove Actions Visible Only in Assessing Status, Required Fields Evaluate Idea, Resource Plan ID, Resource Role, risk score, Risk Total, Schedule Health Color Link, Scope Health Color Link, Set budget Health, Set Schedule Health, Set Scope Health, Softbooked Resource, Start Date, Start of the Week, Submitted Task Summaries, System State Email, Tasks at Risk, Time, Total Budget, Total Budget Committed, Total Cap Expenses rollup, Total Closed Project Budgets, Total Cost, Total Effort, Total Hours, Total Labor, Total Op Expenses rollup, Total Open Project Budgets, Total Portfolio Budget Spent, Total Time, Total Value, Two Weeks Ago, Updated Allocated Hours, Updated PTO Hours, Updated Remaining Project Hours, Updated Softbooked Hours, Weekly Total, Weeks Per Task, Year 3 Cost Import
Stored Values Answer, Budget Health, Budget Issues, Calendar Project ID, Demand Approval Size, MS Project Outline ID, MS Project Pred UID, Parent End Date, Portfolio Budget Health, Portfolio Description, Portfolio ID, Portfolio RecID, Portfolio Schedule Health, Portfolio Scope Health, Portfolio Status, Portfolio Title, PPM Rec ID, Predecessor 1, Predecessor 2, Predecessor 3, Predecessor End Date, Predecessor RecID, Program Budget Health, Program Description, Program RecID, Program Schedule Health, Program Scope Health, Program Status, Program Title, Project Budget Health, Project Cost Score, Project Description, Project ID, Project RecID, Project Schedule Health, Project Scope Health, Project Status, Project Title, PTO End Date, PTO Start Date, Resource, Resource Dashboard - Chart View, Resource Dashboard End Date, Resource Dashboard Individual, Resource Dashboard Role Name, Resource Dashboard RoleID, Resource Dashboard Start Date, Resource RecID, Resource Time Date, Role, Schedule Health, Schedule Issues, Schedule PTO End Date, Schedule PTO Start Date, Scope Health, Scope Issues, Search Group Number, Skills Dashboard Search Type, Start Date Difference, Successor Count, Successor Count Child, Task RecID, Test First Of Year, Test Iterator, Work Item Task, Working Hours Import
Teams Demand Management, Project Management Import
Widgets Active Demands - Projected Cost, Active Demands - Projected Revenue, Actual Project Cost, Actual Project Hours, All Portfolio Budgets, Approved Projected Revenue - Demand Management, Available Project Hours - Daily, Available Project Hours - Weekly, Available Project Hours By Individual (Daily), Available Project Hours By Individual (Weekly), Budget Issues, Budgeted Project Cost, Committed Project Budget, Committed Project Revenue, Dashboard Resources, Demand Projects, Demand Requests By Stage, Demands Awaiting Approval, Highest Scored Demands, Incidents and Requests Owned by Me, My Incident Tickets, My Open Projects - Details, My Operational Tasks, My Operational Tasks - Detail, My Priority 1 Incident Tickets, My Priority 1 Service Requests, My Project Effort, My Project Task Details, My Project Tasks, My Projects by Status, My Projects Cost, My Teams Open Incidents and Request, My Team's Operational Tasks, My Team's Operational Tasks, My Total Service Requests, My VIP Incident Tickets, My VIP Service Requests, Number Of Resources, Open Portfolios, Planned Project Hours, Portfolio Health Matrix, Portfolio Project Health Matrix, Potential Costs - Demands, Potential Revenue - Demands, Program Budget Issues, Program Cost by Project, Program Issues Type is Scope, Program Project Budget, Program Project Health Matrix, Program Resources by Project, Program Revenue, Program Schedule Issue, Program Total Budget, Program Total Cost, Project Cost within Portfolio, Project Effort within Portfolio, Project Health Matrix, Project Issues Total, Project Risks Total, Project Tasks, Projected Remaining Project Hours, Projected Revenue - Demand Management, Projects for Consideration Budget, Projects for Consideration Revenue, Projects Not In Portfolio, Projects Within Portfolio, Projects within Program, Remaining Budget, Resource Bar - Daily (Individual), Resource Bar - Daily (Role), Resource Bar - Weekly Individual), Resource Bar - Weekly (Role), Schedule Issues, Scope Issues, Tasks at Risk - Total, Tasks Behind Schedule, Tasks Starting This Week, Timesheets Awaiting Approval - Grid, Total Budget of Portfolio, Total Committed Budgets, Total Cost of All Portfolios, Total Cost of Portfolio, Total Expected Revenue, Total Revenue Import
  • Import: Add new item.
  • Overwrite: Replace target item.
  • Merge: Merge differences.
  • Don't Change: Referenced by the mApp Solution, but not altered in any way. The mApp Solution includes the definition for informational purposes only (the definition is not imported into the target system).