PPM Project Health

Use the Project Health widget (in the Project Details dashboard) to track the overall Project status.

Select the link to change the color/status, depending on your organization's perception of the Project health:

  • Green: On Track
  • Orange: At Risk
  • Red: Off Track

When issues associated with a Project have a type selected, the selected type is mapped to health areas. The open issues listed in the widget are a quick reference for the Project manager. It's still up to the Project managers to decide if the issues are a significant enough impact to move the health sliders to orange or red.

The slider categories are driven by the classifications of issues:

  • Budget Health is driven by issues classified as budget/cost and projected benefit.
  • Schedule Health is driven by issues classified as resources and schedule.
  • Scope Health is driven by issues classified as change management, design, external, integration, organizational, quality, and resistance.