Update Task Plan from Microsoft Excel in the CSM Browser Client

Use the Browser Client to update an existing Project Task plan. After you modify the Project plan in Microsoft Excel, you can update the Project Tasks in CSM using the Update Project link.

Use the Update Project link in the CSM Browser Client.

If Project Tasks are updated in CSM (example: Change assignment, effort, start/end dates) these updates will only reside in CSM and will be overlaid if there is an update activity initiated from Microsoft Excel. We recommend one of the following:

  1. Use Microsoft Excel for new and updated activities for CSM Project Tasks
  2. Use Microsoft Excel to create the new CSM Project Tasks and then all updates are done in CSM.

To update a Task plan from Microsoft Excel in CSM Browser Client:

  1. In Microsoft Excel, apply the updates required. These can include adding new Tasks, deleting existing Tasks, modifying predecessors, and changing effort.
  2. Save the Microsoft Excel file in .csv format.
  3. Open CSM and access the Project you want to update.
  4. Select the Update Project from Excel (CSV) link (under Actions).