Use PPM Timesheets

Use timesheets to log time for Project Tasks.

In a given week, you may have several different Tasks you're working on, but you can account for all Tasks in one timesheet. However, the timesheet is only for Project-related work, not Incidents and Service Requests.

Only the Task owner can enter hours against the Task. Timesheets are generated weekly for all Resources, but they are automatically deleted after a month if they do not have any time entered.

To fill out a PPM Timesheet:

  1. From the My Work dashboard, open the timesheet for the Task you want to log time against.
  2. In the Task Summary tab, select New Task Summary. Add additional summaries for each Project Task that requires time logged against it.
  3. Select Task Search.
    The Project Task Selector displays. This list contains all Project Tasks owned by the logged-in Resource.
  4. Select the Project Task you want to log time against.
    1. Select New Task Summary in the Task Summary tab. The Task ID, Project Name, Project Manager, Estimated Remaining Effort, and Percent Complete fields autopopulate.
    2. Enter time for each day as appropriate.
      Enter time reporting in a way most convenient for you; day by day or end of week. Time is not applied to the timesheet until you select Submit Hours. You can return to this screen to edit the hours as needed until you submit the timesheet (not the Task Summary record).
    3. The Est Remaining Effort (Hours) field defaults to the Remaining Effort field within the Project Task record. This field should be updated by the Resource entering time to reflect the new estimated remaining effort for the Task. Percent complete should also autopopulate. If the est remaining effort (hours) plus the hours entered are greater than the original Task estimate, an alert icon appears by the Task to alert the Project manager.
    4. Select Submit Hours when hours are entered for the Task summary. If there are multiple Task summaries, you must submit each one individually. The time from the summary record is added to the timesheet.

Next, the Project manager for the associated Projects reviews and commits and the reported time is posted to the Task (along with the estimated remaining effort and percent complete).