Items to Consider Prior to Configuring Cherwell Project & Portfolio Management

Important considerations prior to configuring Cherwell PPM.

This functionality is only available after you apply the mApp Solution.

You will need to identify and document areas such as Roles, Resources, Areas, Stakeholders, Strategic Objectives, Portfolios, and Programs.

  • Roles and Resources are used for time reporting, availability, and Project Tasks.
  • Areas and Stakeholders are used for Demands.
  • Foundations are Strategic Objective, Portfolio, and Program.
  1. Roles: These are used in conjunction with Resources and help provide key availability information for Demand and Project Management planning activities. Roles can be identified for different areas (example: Project, HR, Facilities, Security).
  2. Resource: Work Week hours and Operational Percentage are very important. When you look at graphs showing Role or Resource availability, the Work Week hours and Operational Percentage help determine that availability.
  3. Area: Area is used throughout Demands and Project Management to identify the associated business area (example: HR, IT, Facilities).
  4. Stakeholders: These are a key part of the approval process in Demands. Stakeholders are populated in the Stakeholder table and can be designated as Approvers and Executive Approvers. Stakeholders are associated with a Demand based on the Demand Area.
  5. Strategic Objectives: These are documented executive-level business objectives that should help guide the approved initiatives/projects. They are referenced in Portfolios, Programs, Demands, and Projects as appropriate.
  6. Portfolios: Portfolios are collections of Projects, Programs, or other work grouped together to facilitate effective management of work to meet strategic business objectives.
  7. Programs: Programs are groups of related projects managed in a coordinated manner to obtain benefits not available from managing them individually. Program management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to meet program requirements.

Globalization Considerations

Use the information below to prepare the environment to be localized.

The following tables should be globalized in Cherwell PPM:

  • Operational Task Status
  • Operational Task Type
  • PPM Area
  • PPM Focus Area
  • PPM Predecessory Type
  • PPM Scope
  • PPM Health Type
  • PPM Status Group

The following tables are dependent on PPM Status Group and PPM Health Type being globalized:

  • PPM Status
  • PPM Type

The following PPM Status Fields should have foreign keys enabled:

  • PPM Group
  • Next Status
  • Alt 1 Status
  • Alt 2 Status

The following PPM Type Fields should have foreign keys enabled:

  • Group Name
  • Health Type