Manage PPM Timesheets

PPM Timesheets are a tool for Project Managers to track hours logged against Projects and evaluate any adjustments needed to the Project plan.

This functionality is only available after you apply the mApp Solution.

  • Use the information recorded in Timesheets to update Hours Worked, Percent Complete, and Remaining Effort on the Project Tasks Business Object. A One-Step™ Action is provided in the solution to create a weekly Timesheet for each Resource in the Resource table. This One-Step Action should be set up as a scheduled process during the initial configuration activities.
  • Task Summaries with submitted time are visible to the assigned Project Manager of the associated Project. Each must be Committed (accepted) for the time to post to the Task (along with the Est Remaining Effort and Percent Complete). One Timesheet can accommodate multiple Project Tasks.
  • In the My Projects Dashboard, use the Timesheets Awaiting Approval section.

Commit Hours

To commits the hours:

  • In the Task Summaries tab, right-click the task summary and select Commit.

Project managers can also choose to view individual timesheets for a more granular look at the work performed on a task. If necessary, they can edit the time entries.

To view the Task Summary record:

  • Select the Commit hours to task link.

When the Estimated Total Task Effort exceeds the Planned Effort minus the Hours Worked, an alert icon appears on the grid showing the project tasks. The committed hours populate to the Hours Worked on the Project Task.