PPM Budget Plan

Budget Items capture anticipated costs for this Demand.

This functionality is only available after you apply the mApp Solution.

If a Demand is accepted into a Portfolio, the Budget Items transfer to that Project. Project Costs can be tracked to these Budget Items based on the Type and Expense categories. The budget numbers you enter will also show up in the Cost Fields in the Financial Assessment tab.

To create a new Budget Item:

  1. In the Budget Plan tab, select New Budget Item.
  2. Enter the Budget Item name in the Details Field.
  3. Choose a Cost Type from the drop-down list.
  4. The Total Cost Field automatically populates with the sum of the quarterly numbers.
  5. Select the Capital Expense or Operational Expense option.
  6. In the Budget Breakdown section, enter costs for up to 12 quarters. The yearly totals automatically calculate.

    If you exceed the Demand's Estimated Total Cost when adding Budget Items, the Estimated Total Cost will not increase. This lets you compare the estimated cost and the Demand cost after it has been evaluated.