Manage PPM Resources

View a Resource record from a Project or from the Resource Management - Individual Dashboard.

This functionality is only available after you apply the mApp Solution.

Use the PTO tab in the Form Arrangement to set PTO for each Resource.

View a Resource's Time Record

Access a PPM Resource Time record by double-clicking on a Resource record from the Resource Management - Individual Dashboard. These records hold all reportable information for Resources and are used for the Resource Management Dashboards. Information includes Date, Role, Name, Weekly Hours, Daily Hours, Allocated Hours, Available Project Hours, PTO Hours, and Operation Percent. Allocated Hours is a sum of the hours per day for any Project Tasks that the Resource is assigned on that date. PTO Hours are populated when Scheduled PTO is added for that Resource.

Update Resources

To update a Resource record (Role, Hours available, or Operational time), in the record, select the Update Resource link (under Actions) and a set of prompts will collect the necessary information and all associated records.

Delete Resources

Use the Delete Resource One-Step™ Action (the Delete Resource link under Actions) on the record to ensure the Resource record and all linked entries are deleted.