CSM User Role Scenario

Documentation for CSM is divided into relevant user roles: administrator, user, and developer. Add user role constraints to your documentation searches by selecting the Filters button and the desired user role radio button prior to running a search.

The CSM documentation user roles are:

  • Administrator: Content for users that create or edit forms, dashboards, One-Step™ Actions, Automation Processes, or security rights in CSM Administrator. Administrators may also perform system functions, such as upgrades and performance optimizations.
  • User: Content related to fulfilling service requests, tracking change requests, or using the CSM Desktop Client or CSM Browser Client.

    Throughout the documentation, the term "customer" is used in reference to a CSM Portal user.

  • Developer: Content related to the Cherwell® REST API, SAML authentication, and creating mApp Solutions.

The following table shows how example users could translate their job responsibilities into user roles to easily and quickly find relevant documentation.

Example User Documentation Role Filter
Andrew, a system administrator, can view, create, edit, or run all CSM Objects. He can also assign security rights to other users and utilize all CSM Administrator functionality, such as setting up database connections, Email Monitoring, server farms, and Globalization. Administrator
Tracy uses the CSM Portal to log incidents and requests for a service or Configuration Item. Tracy does not have access to the CSM Administrator, CSM Desktop Client, or CSM Browser ClientUser
Dave is a system administrator with the same responsibilities as Andrew, but he also creates mApp Solutions that expand system functionality. Dave also uses the Cherwell REST API Discovery Tool to configure REST API operations on Business Objects. Developer
Gina, a service desk manager, uses the CSM Desktop Client or CSM Browser Client to resolve or approve incidents and monitor her team's progress with dashboards, widgets, and reports. Gina's team has similar responsibilities, but fewer security rights than Gina. Gina and her team all consume a CSM license. User(s)