Create a CSM Twitter Account

For CSM to integrate with Twitter, create a CSM Twitter account. This account creates a link to an existing registered Twitter account.

You must provide:

  • Name for the account within CSM.
  • A description.
  • Existing Twitter account to link to.
  • Pin to access the existing Twitter account.

To create a CSM Twitter account:

  1. Open the Twitter Account Manager.
  2. Click the Create New button Create New Button.

    Edit Twitter Account Window

  3. Define the link to the Twitter Account:
    • Name:

      Provide a display name to use within CSM (search this property in CSM Item Managers).

      This name does not need to match the Twitter Account.

    • Description:

      Provide a description to use within CSM (search this property in CSM Item Managers).

  4. Click Sign in to Twitter via Browser.

    A Twitter authorization site opens to allow CSM to access the Twitter Account (the default browser launches and passes some Cherwell-specific information to Twitter).

  5. Provide the Twitter credentials.

    This step can be skipped if the Twitter Account is set up to be remembered on the current computer.

    Twitter Authorization window

  6. Click Authorize app. Write down or copy the pin and close the window.
  7. In the Edit Twitter Account window, provide the authorization pin provided by Twitter.
  8. Click Authorize.
  9. Click Close.

    The account is authorized and the Revalidate account button appears on the Edit Twitter Account.

    If using Twitter buttons on a form (example: Problem), the buttons must also be activated using the Stored Value Manager.