Create the Remote Support Session Invitation E-mail Template

In the CSM Desktop Client, when a technician selects the command for a new remote support session, an email message is constructed and sent to Customers to invite them to participate in the session. In the Portal, a remote support session is immediately started when a Customer selects the New Chat Session command.

To create a remote support session invitation e-mail template:

  1. In CSM Administrator, select the Settings category, and then the Edit Chat and Remote Support Connector Settings task.

    The Chat and Remote Support Connector Settings window opens.

  2. On the General page, click the Chat Invitation E-mail button.
  3. Use the following options to design an email template:
    1. Select the Selector button or right-click in the e-mail template to insert Expressions, functions, and variables into the template.

      Use Expressions, functions, and variables to insert conditional/actual values into the email when it is created.

    2. Select Variables in this list to view a list of variables associated with remote support session requests. The following variables are available:
Variable Name Description
Chat Session URL URL that can be used to initiate the remote support session.
E-mail Address Email address of Customer.
Object Name Name of Business Object with which a remote support session is associated.
Object Plural Name Plural name of Business Object with which a remote support session is associated.
Provider E-mail Body Text for the body of the email returned by the remote support system. The body of a Customer invitation email is configured the remote system. The generated email body can be passed to CSM through the API and used in lieu of the remote support session invitation email template in CSM.
Provider E-mail Subject Text for the email subject returned by BeyondTrust.
Support Issue Name of the support issue selected by the Customer (if any).
Team Name Name of the team queue the remote support session request is submitted to (if any).