Enable SAML

Before SAML can be used, SAML must be enabled as a supported login mode. The other login types can also be enabled so that if SAML authentication fails, or the user cancels the process, the next configured login method is invoked.

By default, the CSM Web Applications use the same security settings as those configured for the CSM Desktop Client Applications; however, configure the system to use different login modes for each. Select Browser Client or Browser Portal, and then clear Use Same Settings as Desktop Client, and then enable or disable SAML authentication separately for each type of application.

To enable SAML:

  1. In the CSM Administrator main window, select Security > Edit security setting.
  2. Select Desktop Client.
  3. Under Supported login modes, select SAML.

    SAML authentication is now enabled and, if configured, is now invoked for users logging in.

  4. Select OK.

There might be a delay (up to 15 minutes or so) before the new configuration is loaded and made available by the SAML Web Services.