Knowledge Base Integration


CSM integrates with various third-party Knowledge Bases so that canned Knowledge Articles can be imported into and accessed from within CSM. For example, search canned Knowledge Articles directly from business process forms (ex: Incident), the Quick Search Pane, or the Knowledge Pane to quickly resolve issues.

How the Integration Works

The canned Knowledge Base integration interface is built into CSM, so the integration is simple. The Import Knowledge Wizard in CSM Administrator is used to access canned Knowledge Articles, and then import the data directly into CSM. After Knowledge Articles are imported, they are used as searchable knowledge sources in CSM. Users can search for Knowledge Articles via the Quick Search Pane from anywhere in the system, and configure Knowledge Article search functionality in the Knowledge Pane on an individual business processes basis. When a Knowledge Article is used as a solution to issue, it is attached to the record as a reference.

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  • Make a note of the location of knowledge data files before beginning the import wizard.

Steps to Integrate

  1. In the CSM Administrator main window, select the Database category, and then click the Import Knowledge task.

    The Import Knowledge Wizard opens.

    Import Knowledge Wizard Window

  2. Read the Welcome information and click Next.

    The Server Location page opens.

    Import Knowledge Wizard Server Location

  3. Click the Ellipses button Ellipses Button to navigate to the location of the KnowledgeBroker data.

    The Browse For Folder window opens.

  4. Select the folder that contains the knowledge data.
  5. Select OK.

    The window closes to return to viewing the Import Knowledge Wizard.

  6. Select Finish.

    A message window opens indicating that the import is complete.

To View KnowledgeBroker Articles:

  1. Open the Search Manager
  2. In the Association drop-down, select Knowledge Article.
  3. Click Run.

    The page loads with the search results. All KnowledgeBroker article titles appear in all caps.

    Knowledge Brokers: Search Manager

  4. Click a Knowledge Article to view the record.

    Knowledge Brokers: Article List