MIR3 Intelligent Notification Integrations


The MIR3 Intelligent Notification platform is an emergency and mass notification solution that launches message to groups of any size, or in one location, or all over the world. Intelligent Notification integrates so that CSM alert notifications can be sent to predefined Intelligent Notification groups who respond back to CSM with acknowledgment of the alert.

How the Integration Works

When CSM is integrated with Intelligent Notification, a CSM Automation Process initiates a One-Step Action to run the RBA Integrator (a tool from MIR3 that provides two-way communication), which then contacts Intelligent Notification with the event details. Intelligent Notification then sends out messages (mass alerts) to predefined Users who need to be notified. The RBA Integrator relays responses back to CSM, which then updates the appropriate CSM record with information from the Users. How information is updated in CSM Business Objects and fields is defined in a web service.

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Steps to Integrate

Our team of experienced professional services consultants has performed integrations of this product with CSM. Please contact Cherwell for assistance.