Add the Cisco CloudCenter™ Form Control to the Incident Subcategory Form

Use the Form Editor to add a Cisco CloudCenter™ Form Control to the Incident SubCategory Form. The Form Control allows Users to define which Incident classifications require approval.

Apply the Cisco CloudCenter™ mApp® Solution using the Apply mApp Solution wizard and publish the resulting Blueprint.

Complete the steps to Configure Security Rights for the Cisco CloudCenter™ Specifics Form.

  1. Open a new Blueprint.
  2. In the Lookup Tables Business Object tree, click Incident Subcategory.
  3. Click the Form button Form Icon.

    You can also click View>View Form (from the Object Manager menu bar) or click the Edit Form link (under the Appearance area).

  4. Under Incident SubCategory Fields, select the Approval Required Form Control and drag it to a location that fits your Form design.
  5. Save the Blueprint, then perform additional configuration actions in the same Blueprint.