Add Form Controls to the Incident Form

When you add Form Controls to the Incident form for CKCS, you add two links that allow you to search for a CKCS solution and a Specifics Form that holds CKCS options (example: E-mail CKCS Article to Customer, Unlink CKCS Article, etc.).

To add Form Controls to the Incident Form:

  1. From the Object Manager, select the Incident Business Object and then Edit form link.
  2. In the Form drop-down list, select CKCS Mod - Incident Form.
  3. Select the Search CKCS icon and links, the Show CKCS Window link, and Specifics Form Form Control simultaneously.
  4. Click Edit>Copy.
  5. In the Form drop-down list, select Default Form.
  6. Click Edit>Paste.
  7. Drag-and-drop the Form Controls to a desired location on the Incident Form.

    Consider the following Specifics Form options:

    • If your system uses Incident Specifics Forms, paste the new CKCS window control over the Specifics Form using the exact same size in the exact position and then remove the embedded Form border.
    • If your system does not use Incident Specifics Form, place the CKCS Form in a location that fits your form design.
  8. Click the Update Blueprint button.