Add VM Size Options for CloudCenter™ Applications

Add size options to the VM Size Lookup Object so that Customers can select from a list of sizes when completing a Service Request for a cloud application.

Apply the Cisco CloudCenter™ mApp® Solution using the Apply mApp Solution wizard and publish the resulting Blueprint, then complete the required configuration procedures in CSM Administrator.

If you do not know the CloudCenter size options for the application, complete the following steps in your instance of Cisco CloudCenter to see a list of possible sizes:

  1. Select App Profiles, then select the application for which you are adding VM sizes.
  2. Complete the required fields, then click Next.
  3. In the Tier Settings section, you can view a list of possible sizes for the application. Note the size ID that you plan to add (example: T2.Micro). If the application is two-tier, note the details for the database layer.
  4. Cancel the deployment.
  5. When you know the size ID to add, complete the following steps in the CSM Browser Client:

  6. Click Tools > Table Management.
  7. In the type drop-down, select VM Size.
    The VM Size table opens.
  8. Click the Create New button .
    An empty VM Size record opens.
  9. Complete the required fields:
    Application Name Select an active application from the drop-down.
    Size Order Give the record an identifier to indicate the order in which it should be displayed (example: 1).
    Size Name Give the record a friendly name (example: X-Small).
    Size ID Provide the CloudCenter™ size ID (example: T2.Micro)
  10. Optional: If the application is two-tier, you must also specify the size of the database layer. Check the box to Show Database Details.
    Fields appear for Volume Size and Volume Type.
  11. Optional: Complete the database fields with information from Cisco CloudCenter (see steps 1-3).
  12. Click Save.