Approve a Service Request for an Application

Approve Service Requests for Cisco CloudCenter™ applications, and trigger automatic actions in CSM to provide access instructions to Customers.

  1. Within the Service Request record, check the box for Deployment Request Ready, then click Save.
  2. If you set up additional Approvals, their statuses appear in the Form Arrangement under the Approvals tab. Obtain the necessary Approvals to provision the application.
  3. The following steps happen automatically:

  4. CSM sends the job request to Cisco CloudCenter™.
  5. CloudCenter deploys the application, and CSM creates a new Configuration Item in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB).
    You can open the Configuration Item record to view its details or perform additional actions against the record.
  6. Creating the Configuration Item triggers an e-mail from CSM to the assigned customer with access instructions for the application.

    You can also manually send the e-mail with access instructions. Within the Service Request record, click E-mail Access Instructions.