Assign Task Owner in Planview

Planview can have multiple resources assigned to each Task, while only one resource can be assigned to a Task in CSM. To ensure the correct resources are assigned to Tasks within CSM the Planview Task Integration mApp® Solution uses the Task Owner field in Planview to set the assigned resource in CSM.

Ensure the Task Owner field is enabled on your Task form in Planview (if the field is already visible on the Task form, the following steps are not required).

To assign Task owner in Planview:

  1. Login to your Planview Pro account.
  2. On the menu bar, select Admin, and then in the left column, select Setup > All Entities.
  3. On the Entities page, select Tasks.
    The Task Details page displays.
  4. In the Available Fields list select Owner, and then select the right arrow to move it to the Details column.
    Use the up and down arrows to move the field to where you want it displayed on the Task form.
    • Set the Show On New field to Yes, and then set the Show on Edit field to Yes - Editable.

    Consider entering a description for this field that explains to users that the resource assigned as the owner will be the assigned resource in CSM.

  5. On the menu bar, select Home, and then select Yes to save the changes.

Only Tasks that meet the following criteria will be imported into CSM:

  • Tasks that have an owner assigned.
  • Task owner's with a User Info record in CSM.
  • Tasks that have time scheduled to resources in Planview.