Add Departments to the AWS Portfolio Supporting Object

Create a record for each portfolio in your organization's AWS account. When a CSM user makes a request to provision an AWS product, the available products they can select will be determined by the portfolio(s) available to their department.

Add department(s) to each Portfolio. Every user must have at least one Portfolio. When you update the AWS portfolio, it updates the account table. Adding departments to Portfolios is required.

  1. In the CSM Desktop Client or Browser Client, select Tools > Table Management. Go to the AWS Portfolio table.
  2. Create a record for each portfolio. Make sure the name of the Portfolio in AWS matches exactly to what you put into CSM.
    1. Account Name: Select an account.
    2. Account ID: This information will populate automatically when you select the account.
    3. Portfolio ID: Enter a valid AWS portfolio ID here. You can find this information by logging in to the AWS console and viewing the
    4. Portfolio Name: Enter a user-friendly name for your portfolio here, such as the same portfolio name used in AWS.
    5. In the portfolio record, link the existing departments to this portfolio to grant access.
  3. Select Save to save the record and link departments to the associated AWS Account.
    You can verify the AWS Portfolio record by navigating to Tools > Table Management in the Desktop Client or Browser Client. Select AWS Account, then open the corresponding account record. You should see the departments you linked now listed in the Valid Departments field.