Add AWS Access Keys to CSM

Before you can make API calls to AWS, you must add access keys to CSM.

You will need to first add keys to your AWS account. See Configure AWS IAM for CSM.

  1. In the CSM Desktop Client or Browser Client, navigate to Tools > Table Management. Go to the AWS Account table and create a new record.
  2. In your new record, enter these details:
    1. Account ID: You can use either the numerical ID of your AWS account or the alias. For information on where to find this number, see Your AWS Account ID and Its Alias.
    2. Access Key ID: This is the public key from your AWS Key Pair.
    3. Valid Departments: This field is read-only and can only be edited by adding a portfolio and attaching departments to it.
    4. Select Actions > Add Secret Key. In the prompt, enter the secret key from your AWS Key Pair and select OK. Your key pair has now been securely stored in this table using encryption to protect your private key.