Apply the AWS mApp Solution

Prior to installing the AWS mApp Solution, you must have an established AWS instance, including products (defined by CloudFormation Templates [CFTs]) located inside portfolios in AWS Service Catalog. The approval process included in the mApp Solution will need to be customized to your organization's requirements. You will also need to update security rights for the Specifics - AWS Provision form so it can be viewed on the CSM Portal.

To apply the mApp Solution:

  1. Download the mApp Solution.
  2. Apply the mApp Solution using the Apply mApp Wizard in CSM Administrator.
  3. You can choose Make reasonable decisions, but ask me if unsure, and then select Next until you get to the Summary of Selected mApp Changes to Apply window.
  4. Review the summary of changes and ensure everything looks good for your implementation. Save to file if you wish. Select Next.
  5. Select Open a Blueprint so that I can preview the changes.
  6. Select Finish.
    The Blueprint builds and opens.
  7. We recommend saving and scanning the Blueprint prior to publishing. If you are using a Globalized environment, choose Update validation foreign keys. Select Publish.
    The Blueprint should publish without error and the changes will apply to your database.