AWS mApp® Solution Items

This is a high-level list of items included when applying the AWS mApp Solution.

Business Objects

  • Major
    • AWS Config Staging
    • AWS Event
    • Config - Cloud Services Database
    • Config - Cloud Services Storage
    • Config - Cloud Services Virtual Machine
  • Supporting
    • AWS Account
    • AWS Portfolio
    • Specifics - AWS Provision
  • Lookup Tables
    • AWS Deployment Status
    • AWS Region
    • Cloud Services - Providers

Automation Processes

AWS Event: Create an event based on AWS event details. This is set up to work with the specific JSON scenarios included with this mApp Solution. It triggers the Create Incident from Event One-Step™ Action.

One-Step™ Actions

  • Create Config Item
  • Provision Product
  • Provisioning Status
  • Request Product


The AWS mApp Solution includes two webhooks:

  • Create AWS Event: Includes four expressions
    • AWS Cloudwatch Only
    • AWS Config and AWS Cloudwatch
    • AWS Config Only
    • AWS Enabled Services
  • Create AWS Config Staging Record: this triggers the Create AWS Config Staging One-Step™ Action.