Troubleshooting the AWS mApp® Solution

Troubleshooting solutions for the AWS mApp Solution.

  • Why do I see an error that says "List Provisioning Artifacts execution halted, action block parameter ProductID is required"?

    You may see this message when one of your Action Blocks has failed, and did not generate the required parameter for the next Action Block in the chain. Make sure that you are passing in exactly the values that match AWS, such as with the PortfolioID. Check that the PortfolioID is valid for AWS, and ensure there are no leading or trailing spaces for values pasted into the AWS Portfolio record in CSM.

  • I need to change or update a One-Step™ Action.

    There are several pop-up Actions in this One-Step Action that are set up for troubleshooting purposes; they are set to display only if Debug equals true. If you must change a One-Step Action, set this value to true so the action will display debug pop-ups.

  • I loaded a .czar on my system, and now the webhooks aren't processing.
    • Ensure you have created AWS Accounts with secret keys and AWS Portfolios.
    • Ensure you have added departments to the AWS Portfolios.
    • Set the encryption key in the Cherwell Encryption Key stored value.
    • Give the Anonymous Browser security group view permissions for webhooks.
    • Give the Portal Customer and Portal Workgroup Manager security groups view, add, and edit permissions on the Specifics - AWS Provision Supporting Business Object.
  • Configuration Items are being terminated, but not marked as Retired

    The Terminate Provisioned Product One-Step Action is set to update the status and create journals if the Return Result of the preceding Terminate Provisioned Product Action block is "OK OK". However, sometimes the return from AWS is "OKOK" (without the space). You may need to adjust accordingly for your specific AWS-side configuration.