Manage an AWS Configuration Item

Customers can access their own AWS CIs in the CMDB.

Customers can access their provisioned products in the CSM Portal. However, it is important to note that changes to record details on the CIs do not update AWS. The only action that will affect resources in AWS is the Terminate Provisioned Product link under the Actions menu.

In the CSM Portal, select My Items > Devices Assigned to Me. From this dashboard, a customer can open a CI record for which they are the primary customer. This CI record will contain basic details about the AWS resource, depending on what was configured in your CloudFormation Templates (CFTs), and in the Create Config Item One-Step™ Action. Customers can also choose the Open in AWS Console link under the Actions menu to open the AWS console in a browser window. In this case, they will need a direct login to AWS in order to see details there.