Provision an AWS Product from the CSM Portal

Unlicensed CSM users can provision an AWS product directly from the CSM Portal.

To provision an AWS product from the CSM Portal:

  1. Log into the CSM Portal and access the service catalog.
  2. Select Desktop Management > Computer > New CFT.
  3. The AWS products you can choose from depend on the permissions you have.
  4. Enter the Account Name, Portfolio, and Region, then select Request AWS Product.
  5. In the pop-up dialog, select the AWS product you want.
    Additional fields appear in the Additional Questions section based on the product you selected.
  6. Complete the fields in the Additional Questions section. The fields vary depending on the AWS product you request. Some fields are auto-populated.
  7. Select Submit for Approval.
    Once the Incident is approved, an automation process to provision the product begins. After the product is provisioned, the Incident will reflect the new Configuration Item, and the Incident is marked as closed.

The newly-provisioned AWS product is assigned a configuration item record and added to the CMDB.