Provision an AWS Product from the Desktop Client or Browser Client

Licensed CSM users can provision an AWS product directly from the Desktop Client or Browser Client.

To provision an AWS product from the Desktop Client or Browser Client:

  1. Select New > New Incident.
  2. In the Service Classification menu, select New CFT.
    Enter required fields. You must enter a customer.
  3. Under the Additional Questions section, enter the Account Name, Portfolio, and Region, then select Request AWS Product.
  4. In the pop-up dialog, select the AWS product you want.
  5. Complete the fields in the Additional Questions section. The fields vary depending on the AWS product you request. Some fields are auto-populated.
  6. Select Submit for Approval.
    Once the Service Request is approved, an automation process to provision the product begins. After the product is provisioned, the Service Request will reflect the new Configuration Item, and the Service Request is marked as closed.

    The Service request closes after provisioning initiates, but the CI may not be available immediately. AWS products take varying amounts of time to provision; be aware that the process is not instant. LAMP stacks, in particular, can take up to several hours to build.