Troubleshooting AWS mApp® Solution Webhooks

You can use an external service such as Hookbin to collect and view SNS messages to ensure that you are receiving the message you expect. If you are receiving the proper message but do not see it being processed, check RabbitMQ. CSM uses RabbitMQ for processing webhook requests.

    SNS Message Troubleshooting

  1. Visit the URL to confirm your subscription after you request confirmation.
  2. Make sure you leave this tab open or you won't be able to get back to the results. If you accidentally close the tab, you will need to recreate the Hookbin endpoint and recreate your SNS subscription.
  3. Testing Your JSON Parsing

  4. You can use the Test Webhook feature in the mApp Solution to ensure that the JSON you are receiving from SNS is being parsed as expected.
  5. In CSM Administrator, go to Browser and Mobile > Webhook Manager and edit the webhook you are troubleshooting.
  6. Under the Action tab, select Test Webhook and paste in the JSON you received to your Hookbin subscription.
  7. Select Run and check to see if an appropriate object was created in CSM.
  8. RabbitMQ Troubleshooting

  9. Before trying the steps below, try restarting the Cherwell Service Host, as it may resolve any RabbitMQ issues. If it does not, proceed to the next steps.
  10. Stop the Cherwell Service Host.
  11. Delete any duplicate Exchanges and Queues. These will be recreated on Cherwell Service Host start.

    Deleting these queues will delete anything in progress in a production system, so take care with the steps below to ensure you do not inadvertently purge additional data.

    1. Delete all CSM Exchanges.
    2. Delete all CSM-related queues.
  12. Start the Cherwell Service Host.