Overwrite External Mapping to CAM Virtual Machine

Use this information to overwrite external mapping to the CAM Virtual Machine Business Object.

  • Imported External Table: ESM_v_GetVirtualMachineInformation
  • Field that holds unique ID: Guest ID
External Table Field Name Cherwell Field Name
vguestclientinstalled Guest Client Installed
vguestdomain Guest Domain
vguestid Guest ID
vguestipaddress Guest IP Address
vguestipaddresssort Guest IP Address Sort
vguestname Guest Name
vguestos Guest OS
vguestserialnumber Guest Serial Number
vhostdescription Host Description
vhostdomain Host Domain
vhostid Host ID
vhostipaddress Host IP Address
vhostipaddresssort Host IP Address Sort
vhostname Host Name
vhostos Host OS
vhostserialnumber Host Serial Number
vhostvendor Host Vendor