Upgrade CAM mApp Solution 2.5 to a Newer Version

If you have the CAM mApp® Solution 2.5 and want to upgrade to a newer version (2.6, 2.7, or 2.8), you must make modifications for the mApp Solution to work correctly. Newer versions of the mApp Solution have been upgraded to be compatible with Trusted Agent.

Due to new hosting constraints, CSM uses Trusted Agent to connect and import data. The CAM mApp Solution 2.5 has 11 Supporting Business Objects that are directly linked to the CAM database. The linked tables can't be edited or modified, so you must overwrite the CAM external mappings. The following Supporting Business Objects need to be re-mapped:

  • CAM Drives
  • CAM License Purchases
  • CAM License Unit Machines
  • CAM Login History
  • CAM Machine Purchasing
  • CAM Network Adapter
  • CAM Services
  • CAM Software
  • CAM Software Purchase Agreement
  • CAM Virtual Machine
  • CAM Web Console URLs

These steps were tested on a demo database. If your CAM tables (and their relationships) are customized, ensure that customization is documented so you can recreate it. In addition, the steps for overwrite may include more Business Objects than specified here. As with all mApp Solutions, be sure to test this process on your customized system first.