Use the Cherwell Asset Management mApp Solution

Use the CAM mApp® Solution to access forms, view imported data, assign CIs, and replace fields.

Access Secondary Forms with Imported Fields

When you apply the mApp Solution secondary forms are added to the following CI Business Objects:

  • Config - Computer
  • Config - Network Device
  • Config - Not Inventoried

    Remember: This is a new Business Object that is created when you apply the mApp Solution.

  • Config - Server
  • Config - Software License

The secondary form shows the available fields for the selected Business Object, including fields that already exist on the default form as well as fields that are imported from the CAM database, as part of the mApp Solution application. You may choose to include some or all of the available fields on your Business Object forms.

To view the secondary form:

  1. In CSM Administrator, open a Blueprint.
  2. Select a CI Business Object, then select Edit Form.
  3. From the Form drop-down list, select CAM - Imported Fields.

    The secondary form appears in the Form Editor.

View Imported Data for Configuration Items

You can view the imported data for a CI from the form arrangement in the CI record. The imported data comes in through scheduled jobs. Imported data may include:

  • Authorized Software
  • Installed Services
  • Discovered Software
  • Installed Drives
  • Discovered Drives
  • CAM Services
  • Virtual Guests

Optionally Assign Configuration Items to Customers

After importing your CAM data into CSM and running the associated One-Step™ Actions, the status for each imported CI record becomes in stock, and it is not assigned to a customer. You may choose to assign the CI record to a customer, or you can use an imported field to display the last user for a CI record directly on the Business Object form.

Replace License Fields in the Config - Software License Business Object Form

On a default system, the Config - Software License Business Object displays fields for Total Licenses and Licenses in Use. Equivalent fields are imported with the mApp Solution and are accessible from the CAM - Imported Fields form for the Business Object. The equivalent fields are Licenses Purchased and Total Installs. You can replace the default fields with the imported fields, or you can use the imported fields as comparison data points.