Change Management mApp® Solution Approvals

The Change Management mApp® Solution includes Approvals for the CAB and ECAB members.

Change Requests include a Current Approvals page, which is populated with the CAB members associated with the Change Type.

You can add additional Approvals by selecting the New Approval button. On the Approval Record form, you can enter the Approver Name, Approval Team, Deadline, Details, and Comments.

When the Change Request enters the Approval/ECAB Approval status (or when a new Approval Record is created), an email is sent to all approvers.

Emergency Changes with a Service Restoration subtype do not require approval.

When Normal Change Requests are rejected by the CAB, the status changes to Rejected. You can choose to rework the change or close it. The Rework Change button moves the Change Request back to Draft status. All previous approvals move to the Approval History page. The Close Change button moves the Change Request to Closed status. Any open Tasks are cancelled and closed.

When an Emergency Change is rejected by the ECAB, the status changes to Closed and the Close Code is set to Rejected. Any open Tasks are cancelled and closed.